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Sunday, January 8, 2012

To Keep or Not to Keep...

Are you a maker, and subsequently a keeper, of New Year's resolutions?  I am of the maker camp but not necessarily of the keeper.  However, I do wholly believe in the process of setting intentions and writing them out.  I do not beat myself up if follow-through starts to lag.  The reward is in the attempt, even if the result is not long lasting, or seems to fail.  Putting it out there is the first step. 

And that is what I did when after New Year's Day we were fortunate enough to retreat to a cottage in the woods so to speak, a good 2.5 hours out of the city.  We had access to snowy trails, a cozy cabin with a fireplace, full kitchen and living room area.  Ironically, we even had cable television, something we don't subscribe to in our normal lives.  I must admit, at certain points of our stay, there was some serious television watching -- who can resist the Food Network?!

This 2-day retreat into the woods felt emotionally and spiritually renewing.  No agendas, just relaxation, reading Planting Dandelions, writing in my journal, scrabble playing, eating nourishing meals (and lots of chocolate left-over from Christmas).  I had time to reflect on what will bring me greater peace and joy in 2012.

Here's what I came up with:
  • Re-ignite mindfulness/meditation practise -- that means every day
  • Speak with less judgment, criticism, and negativity
  • Practise physical wellness by eating well and through physical activity
  • Renew social connections
  • Make regular gratitude lists
  • Use positive affirmations regularly
  • Purchase a house we love and that we can comfortably afford
There are a few more that are too private to post.  This may seem like a long list, even dooming me to failure from the start due to the sheer number, and yet, there is a relatedness in theme to the intentions.  Therefore, if I am able to maintain the practise of one or two, I won't be too far off the path.

What I am parting with are all the unhealthy and unhelpful habits I've picked up along the way.  Into the fire they go.

Through the ashes let there rise growth and wisdom from experience, and the ability to renew once again.

Wishing you all peace and blessings in 2012.


Contributor said...

Wishing you Peace for 2012 too. May we all be able to follow a list like the one above. And the last point about "Owning house we love and that (the important point) we can comfortably afford", was my personal favorite. Wish I could HAVE done so 2 years ago, today I would be more at peace. ;)

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