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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Making Room For the New

It's been a delightful weekend of spring cleaning -- purging the old and making room for the new. 

Actually, we're moving next month and it would be a shame to lug so much physical and metaphorical baggage with us to our new home.  It amazes me how much stuff we've accumulated in the past four years living in this cute little 1 bedroom condo. 

Our next home happens to be a cute 3 bedroom bungalow.  I hope the limited space issues mean we'll continue to live in a somewhat minimalist way.  It's hard to believe that once upon a time in the not so distant past, entire families, which included, parents and their two or more children had no problems living in small bungalows with one washroom.  In comparison to today's standards, that's mind boggling.  Why do we need so much more room and stuff?!

My current dilemma:  Trying to figure out whether having a king size bed in a room that's about 11 and 7 inches by 10 and 3 inches is feasible.  I'm only being somewhat ironic here. 
I really did want a king bed!

However, to achieve this, I must be satisfied with the following equation:
1 tiny room + 1 king bed = 0 room for any thing else. 

A room that looks somewhat like this, with a bigger bed wouldn't be so bad, right?


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