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Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Four To the Core

If you're familiar with the psycho-spiritual typology of the Enneagram, then you'll know what I mean when I say I'm a Four to the core. As a Four, I'm prone to a melancholic disposition, although when I am 'healthy' and 'integrating' I am able to dwell in equanimity. At the moment, however, I'm functioning as an average Four. I'm residing in my head a bit too much. I'm not being overly productive but imagining all the ways in which I can be.

One of my major issues (and Fours love dissecting their issues) is that I have a really hard time physically moving. It's so much easier sitting in a cozy arm chair ruminating about all the ways I will make a difference in my life, than actually doing any of them. I know physical activity is extremely important for someone like me, but I've tried the whole gym membership thing, and well, you can imagine how I lacked discipline. I worked out for perhaps the first month after signing on the dotted line and then, well, the gym payments continued for at least 2 years subsequently, with my best intentions to one day return. Like that happened.

I think it's time to start a new approach to physical activity. I do believe it's imperative for me to stop 'snailing' around if I want to experience a balanced state of body, mind and soul.

Unfortunately, for most of my life, I've struggled with a sense of discomfort in moving my body, unabashedly and freely. It's that self-consciousness theme again. So you can say, I'm rather athletically and kinesthetically challenged. And yet, I'm aware the only way I'll be able to achieve any balance of body, mind, soul is through the act of physically moving.

So I'm thinking something simple like skip-roping would be a gentle, non-threatening start. Also, there's a nearby track where I live. Perhaps a lap or two would serve me well. I'm putting these intentions out there simply because I know if I don't commit to them in writing, they'll continue to be just idle prospects in my well-intentioned, yet undisciplined mind; life.

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Tracy said...

Hi Serentiy: How about exploring movement through expressive dance in the privacy of your home--with all blinds closed if you must. You could do this any way you like but one option as a starting point might be to try moving one body part a day for five minutes only--however it wants to move in response to whatever music you have on?

If you wanted to explore this further, I would recommend learning about the 5 rhythms by Gabrielle Roth. Yes, this will take courage. Your inner four will be screaming at you to stop. But if you can move despite it, ... perhaps it could be a kind of breaking free... or an opportunity for your four to exercise it's protest lungs.