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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fabulous Friendship Festival...

...that's the title of the book I'm reading by SARK. I'm trying to attract more female friendship into my life as there has been a bit of a void since my high school and university days. I even joined a few "meetups" for the sole purpose of getting to know new people, particularly women my age.

To that end, I went to an INFJ meetup yesterday. It was interesting to be around people of my personality type --talk about instantaneous bonding! We had a lovely brunch at Nosh Bistro and engaged in lively banter. Here's to attracting fabulous friendships!

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Natalie Hunkiar said...

I hear you, I had the same problem when I moved from Est coast Canada to Southern California, first I tried the meetups, business networking was fine but in the end just the desire itself opened me up to chance meetings with ladies I connected with on every level!

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