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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Voice Within

My decision-making abilities have always felt a bit wobbly.   I can't get quiet enough to listen to my Inner voice.  Gut reactions.  Intuition. 

As a result, I go back and forth when trying to make decisions, plagued with doubt about making the wrong choice. 

It could be over something simple, like a pair of boots that I recently bought.  Should I buy the ones with the heel or the ones that are flat?  Back and forth, back and forth.  Silliness I know. 

What I ended up doing was buying both because I couldn't decide!  One pair's going back, but I still don't know which one.

A more important decision that has me wobbly is which house to buy.  It's not like there's a lot of houses for sale in the area we want to live, but when a property does go on the market, back and forth, back and forth I go, unable to decide due to a number of reasons -- price, condition of the house inside, condition of the house outside, teeny details, and big ones too. 

I think there was even one house, I'll call it "the one that got away," which was pretty close to everything we wanted.  But we didn't get it because of my indecision, and ultimately because I could not trust my gut instinct.  Unlike a pair of boots, I can't buy two houses and then return the other one!

This is my latest collage journal.  Interesting what images I was drawn to.  The hands below are holding olives, not grapes.  Olives can be a symbol of peace, trust, wisdom.  Shall I say, intuition?

This, unlike some of my other collages, is simple in the unity of its message.  Trust in the voice within and the right choice will follow. 

I just need to get quiet enough to hear that voice loud and clear.

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