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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fields of Lavender

This past week, we experienced a small taste of Provence on a Lavender Farm in Prince Edward County (PEC). It was quite enchanting with its lovely fragrance and breathtaking beauty. While this gorgeous butterfly fluttered from one patch of lavender to another, we took in the fresh, calming scent of this uniquely versatile flower.
After a walk through the fields, I was excited to purchase some lavender honey from the little gift shop.

Apparently, lavender honey is very expensive to produce because the yield from the bees is so little. Nonetheless, this honey falls in the category of life's little indulgences, which is just so worth it. Particularly, if enjoyed mindfully, and in a state of total presence. Just one teaspoon of lavender honey in my morning cup of tea is enough to awaken my weary soul from its slumber -- figuratively for sure, but literally, too, I imagine. Check out HoneyPie who sell their lavender honey and other products in PEC, as well as some farmer's markets in Toronto.

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amy said...

So pretty! I love lavender!